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Honey Bee Spa: Leading Ayurvedic Massage Center in Dehradun

Ayurvedic Massage Center in Dehradun – With an amalgamation of ayurvedic therapies for stress and pain, we the Honey Bee Spa arrived as an Ayurvedic Massage Center in Dehradun. The professionals of the place contemplate for the better health and wellness to reinforce the health of visitor by Ayurvedic Massage therapies. We adopt the ancient ways of the treasure “Ayurveda” gifted by nature to treat the visitor by endowing the body massage therapists in Dehradun. Our techniques are based on proven methods of Ayurveda to serve the complete relief to our patient. Our place can be proved a boon to the one who got exhausted by visiting various hospitals, medical centers and physiotherapists etc. Honey Bee Spa Company is a top-notch Ayurvedic Massage Center in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India). And it is holistically based on Vedic science and the treatment procedures of Ayurveda of ancient India.

World-class Best Place for Ayurvedic Massage in Dehradun: Honey Bee Spa

A bunch of Ayurvedic doctors offered by us made Honey Bee Spa the best place for Ayurvedic massage in Dehradun. Along with that, all the Ayurvedic doctors are highly qualified in their streams to serve you better with Ayurvedic techniques. We believe in healing the entire stress and stiffness of the person by applying the natural methods and remedies because picking up the root of the problem and removing it permanently is the ideology we follow. We all are aware of the countless benefits of Ayurveda as it helps in building a fit Physic and it also provides an inner peace which no medicine can. Ayurveda is the natural treasure we have around us. That is why we have been serving the humanitarian for decades in the lap of nature Dehradoon. So, if you are searching for the best place for Ayurvedic massage in Dehradun, then your search ends here.

Best Massage Therapist for Full Body Massage in Dehradun

Visit Honey Bee Spa to get the best body massage therapist in Dehradun. Honey Bee Spa where you will experience a touch of the ancient science of Ayurveda. The science of Ayurveda is purely based on the elements presents in our universe. Our body is the amalgamation of 5 elements which are known as Punch Tatwas: Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Akash (Space), and Prithvi (Earth). Ayurveda heals the entire body to treat one health problem whereas the English medical science chemically heals only the disease a patient confronts by conferring the temporary relief. So, adopt Ayurveda and make yourself fit like never before. Get the experience of the Ayurvedic massage at our place by the top body massage therapists in Dehradun and build outer & inner peace in your life.

Some of the best massages offered by the honey bee company are:

1. Ailment Massages: The best massage for any kind of body pain is the ailment massage which kills the pain in less than 3 sittings.
2. Specific Ayurveda Oil Massage: The variety of oils gives a soothing effect to the body and the mind attains peace.


This deeply relaxing and stress releasing treatment is done by facilitating the flow of warm oil on the third eye to normalize blood pressure, make the sleep patterns regular, relax the mind, ease out tension and stress and sharpen the memory.


Shiro Abhyangam is a form of Ayurvedic treatment that starts with a full scalp massage. It then works its way to the head, neck, and shoulders. The therapy comes to a halt with a relaxing and revitalizing face-massage in the end. This treatment uses pressure points to relax the muscles, eliminate toxins and enhance the blood circulation. It also strengthens the nervous system by increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluids.


This Ayurvedic massage rejuvenates you mentally and physically by facilitating stimulation of vital energy and pressure points. It uses medicated soothing oils to energize the body and mind by promoting life force energy.


Joint stiffness, arthritis, and various other knee joint conditions can be treated with the help of this conventional Ayurvedic treatment. In order to increase the flexibility and keep the joint lubricated, warm medicated oil is poured on the knee and left for a certain amount of time. Lower leg and foot massage are complimentary.

Ayurvedic massage in Dehradun


This treatment strengthens the back muscles of those suffering from lower back pain. The sciatic pain is alleviated by pouring warm herbal oil over the lower back and retaining in a herbal dough. This process lubricates the lumber sacral region and strengthens the muscles.


Greeva Vasti is one of the best treatments for diseases of the cervical region such as neck pain, spondylitis, etc. The patient has to lie face down on the table. Warm, medicated oil is poured with a slow, constant and continuous pace in the neck region for a specific amount of time. This treatment provides immense relief from the problem of cervical spondylosis and pain in the upper back and neck region. It also lubricates the joints and makes them more flexible. Say goodbye to sore neck muscles!


It is an Ayurvedic weight-loss treatment that helps to get rid of lymphatic toxins. A herbal powder is used to massage the body and exfoliate the dead skin cells. The therapist-monitored massage strokes improve blood circulation and are effective in treating cellulite conditions.


This treatment pampers your feet with a relaxing massage by improving blood circulation in your legs. It helps in getting rid of sluggish tension, post-flight effects. So, say goodbye to lethargic movements and tired feet and get back on your feet again!

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