Western Massages

The most common and famous massage these days is western massage. It is originated from abroad and formulates the circulation of blood with high intensity. The after effect of western massage is soothing. It is quite famous in European countries. Along with blood circulation, the body attains flexibility and strength. It has medical significance too.

Honey bee centre offers variety of western spas. This company is well renowned for the authenticity and calm environment which it offers to its customers. Also, the western massage has certain types that bring about the actual mobilization of the muscles and bones. Some of the western massage types offered by the Honey Bee Company are listed below:

1. Aroma Therapy: It is the best fragrance therapy that is soothing and kills the stress.
2. Neuromuscular Therapy: It is a therapy for calm the mind and acquiring peace.
3. Joint Mobilization Massage: This is a flexible massage that opens the joins and relives from any kind of pain.
4. Deep Muscle Massage: This therapy strengthens the muscles and makes the human more fit.


This treatment calms the senses and relaxes the mind using different kinds of fragrant essential oils. It is a decongesting, energizing, calming, and uplifting aromatic blend that leaves a positive impact on your nervous system.


By using smooth, gliding strokes, the pressure is gently applied to release muscle tension. Blood circulation is increased and so are the health benefits. The massage also improves skin texture and muscle tone.


A deeper layer of the muscle tissue is targeted for this treatment. Finger pressure and gentle strokes on contracted zones ease chronic pain and restore the balance of the musculoskeletal system.


This treatment is a combination of stretching, reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy in order to ease stiffness in joints and muscles, improve circulation, induce deep relaxation, and bring a sense of well-being. This therapy originated from the traditions of Asia and is a deep tissue therapy targeting the entire body.


It relaxes your mind, body and increases flexibility with the help of a dry massage treatment. Stretching techniques and stimulation of pressure points aids in the removal of blockages in the energy channels.


Crystals and gemstones consist of some properties that can facilitate healing. Based on traditional concepts, crystal healing is a therapy in which various crystals and other types of stones are used to cure diseases and protect against ailments. Crystals are the main component of this massage therapy. They enable the flow of positive energy into the body and eliminate all disease-causing negative energy. It relaxes your body and has therapeutic effects.


This treatment is done using fresh garden herbs, a tradition of the Himachal region. Skin is polished with powdered Indian spice sand followed by a tea bath and a deep tissue massage. The herbal ball compress, in the end, leaves you relaxed.


Anti-cellulite therapy decreases cellulite levels and increases the flow of lymph in the body. The therapy begins using herbal powder for exfoliation that mainly concentrates on cellulite areas followed by wrapping with a thermal blanket. Toxins are removed by using cucumber extract and green tea.


This treatment involves a natural healing massage for relaxing and restoring the energy of the body. It is a non-invasive and holistic massage that improves the working of reflexes present in the feet.


This treatment restores balance from top to bottom by bathing the feet, scrubbing them with lime and massaging with a leg cream. The dry skin is moisturized by applying a ginger and clove mask and a herbal gel in the end in order to expel negative energy.

Ayurvedic Massage

The human body needs to be lubricated in order to be fit till long years. Oiling the machines give them more flexibility and increases their lives. Similarly, oiling the human bodies make the humans flexible and enhance their activities. Ayurveda massage is a part of Ayurveda treatment for joints and bones. It is the most relaxing therapy that comes under Ayurveda treatment.

The honey bee company is well renowned for the Ayurveda massage services it provides. Every human needs to be lubricated. This famous company offers too many services to its customers and that too at an affordable cost. The environment is soothing and calm and people find peace after coming to this place for the Ayurveda massage. Some of the best massages offered by the honey bee company are:

1. Ailment Massages: The best massage for any kind of body pain is the ailment massage which kills the pain in less than 3 sittings.
2. Specific Ayurveda Oil Massage: The variety of oils gives soothing effect to the body and the mind attains peace.


This deeply relaxing and stress releasing treatment is done by facilitating the flow of warm oil on the third eye to normalize blood pressure, make the sleep patterns regular, relax the mind, ease out tension and stress and sharpen the memory.


Shiro Abhyangam is a form of Ayurvedic treatment that starts with a full scalp massage. It then works its way to the head, neck, and shoulders. The therapy comes to a halt with a relaxing and revitalizing face-massage in the end. This treatment uses pressure points to relax the muscles, eliminate toxins and enhance the blood circulation. It also strengthens the nervous system by increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluids.


This Ayurvedic massage rejuvenates you mentally and physically by facilitating stimulation of vital energy and pressure points. It uses medicated soothing oils to energize the body and mind by promoting life force energy.


Joint stiffness, arthritis, and various other knee joint conditions can be treated with the help of this conventional Ayurvedic treatment. In order to increase the flexibility and keep the joint lubricated, warm medicated oil is poured on the knee and left for a certain amount of time. Lower leg and foot massage are complimentary.


This treatment strengthens the back muscles of those suffering from lower back pain. The sciatic pain is alleviated by pouring warm herbal oil over the lower back and retaining in a herbal dough. This process lubricates the lumber sacral region and strengthens the muscles.


Greeva Vasti is one of the best treatments for diseases of the cervical region such as neck pain, spondylitis, etc. The patient has to lie face down on the table. Warm, medicated oil is poured with a slow, constant and continuous pace in the neck region for a specific amount of time. This treatment provides immense relief from the problem of cervical spondylosis and pain in the upper back and neck region. It also lubricates the joints and makes them more flexible. Say goodbye to sore neck muscles!


It is an Ayurvedic weight-loss treatment that helps to get rid of lymphatic toxins. A herbal powder is used to massage the body and exfoliate the dead skin cells. The therapist-monitored massage strokes improve blood circulation and are effective in treating cellulite conditions.


This treatment pampers your feet with a relaxing massage by improving blood circulation in your legs. It helps in getting rid of sluggish tension, post-flight effects. So, say goodbye to lethargic movements and tired feet and get back on your feet again!

Spa Services

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is slow, gentle or vigorous depending on the style of the therapist and the choice of the client. The skin is completely lubricated with massage oil. The therapist performs a wide variety of massage strokes. These movements are meant to warm up the tissues of the muscles, releasing all the tension and breaking up "knots" gradually and adhesions. Swedish massage promotes immense relaxation. The price depends on your location and the luxury level of the spa.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapy that uses firm pressure and gradual strokes in order to reach deeply into the layers of muscles and the tissues surrounding those muscles. It's beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain and aches in contracted and compressed areas like the upper back, neck, lower back, leg muscles, and shoulders. At the starting of the massage therapy, a light pressure is applied to prepare the muscles and the pressure is increased gradually.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a therapy involving essential oils (oils extracted from plants that are highly concentrated) are added to the oil supposed to be used for the massage. Inhaling the essential oils promotes beneficial modifications in the mind and the body by positively affecting the nervous system. Essential oils are easily absorbed via the skin. The Aromatherapy massage is similar to Swedish massage although the scent in the form of essential oils is added.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is a type of a massage therapy that melts away stress, eases stiffness in muscles and enhances circulation. Each session promotes muscle relaxation at a deeper level by placing water-heated, smooth stones at various key points. The direct heat generated from the stones aids in relaxing muscles, thereby allowing the massage therapist to access deeper layers of muscles.The heated stones impart a sedative effect which is helpful in relieving chronic pain and promoting in-depth relaxation.

Lymphatic Massage

There are two stages of a lymphatic drainage massage: clearing & reabsorption. The main purpose of clearing is the creation of vacuum with mild pressure to make the area bring more fluid in, thereby making a gentle flushing effect. There are three areas to be cleared in a lymphatic drainage massage.

1. Supraclavicular area
2. Axillary area
3. Inner-elbow area

Before performing the actual lymphatic drainage massage, the area needs to be prepared.

Thai Yoga Massage Signature

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on the floor on a mat. In this massage, both the client and the practitioner are wearing comfortable clothes that allow easy movement and enhanced flexibility. Normally oils or lotions are not used. The client and the massage therapist can take different yoga positions. Deep static pressures in a rhythmic manner are the basic essence of this massage. Thai Yoga Massage Signature is rejuvenating and extremely energizing.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage is a blissfully relaxing ritual oriented massage done with warm oil. It releases accumulated toxins and stress in order to completely rejuvenate your body from within. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage oil used in the process. Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage is basically a healing system for overall health and wellbeing of the human body. The Abhyanga oil enables the body to absorb healing properties of the massage and increases stamina.

Ayurvedic Poultice Massage

The Ayurvedic Poultice Massage is a heated herbal treatment. Muslin or linen cloths are filled with some herbs, tied tightly into pouches, steamed and rocked gently all over the body. The herbs impart therapeutic benefits whereas the heat relaxes the muscles. The ingredients may vary from place to place. Ayurvedic Poultice Massage is known to reduce inflammation, enhance blood circulation, calm stiff muscles, improve flexibility, boost immunity and tone in the skin.


Suvigraha is a special herbal treatment for the reduction of weight. This massage therapy is known to breaks down the storage of subcutaneous cellulite inside the body, at the same time retaining the original texture and complexion of your skin. If you are worried about this massage causing any kind of negative effects on the skin then you should know that it doesn't cause any sagging or wrinkles. This treatment makes your muscles stronger.

Ayurvedic Shirodhara Massage

Ayurvedic Shirodhara Massage is a unique massage therapy based on the ancient Ayurveda. It has a tremendously positive impact on the nervous system. It cleanses the nerves and the mind and has an immediate calming effect on the mind. If your nervous system is compromised in any way, the Ayurvedic Shirodhara Massage is the best treatment for you. It relieves symptoms of jetlag, hypertension, insomnia and calms you from the inside out.

Russian Massage

Russian Massage is kind of a sports massage. But it is different from other traditional sports based massages in a way that softer and slower motions are used. The concept of friction is used for inducing heat within the body. Combined with vibrations this massage therapy can ease muscle stiffness and pain to a great extent. It enhances the functioning of the respiratory system, immune system, and the nervous system by using a combination of vibrations, slapping and kneading techniques.

Aromatic Relaxing Therapy

In the Aromatic Relaxing Therapy, natural fragrant oils are used in order to create a refreshing, relaxed and peaceful environment for the client. It dispels anxiety and stress and promotes healthy relaxation. Its potency is remarkable as it also provides anti-aging and antioxidating properties. It stimulates your body and effectively eliminates all traces of fatigue. It also aids in the elimination of pigmented skin, rejuvenate skin cells and improves the metabolism of the skin.

Candle Massage

Candle Massage is an American massage therapy that has taken over the beauty and healing industry by storm. The wax is prepared using a blend of natural scents and essential oils that aid relaxation. It eliminates every ounce of exhaustion from the body and promotes an overall wellbeing. In this process of candle massage, the candle is lighted. When the wax starts melting, a small amount is poured on to your body followed by a massage.

Potli Massage

Potli Massage is an old age technique for relieving pain. People suffering from arthritis and spondylitis can benefit the most from this massage therapy. Women above thirty years of age face more bone-related concerns than youngsters. Therefore, this treatment is highly recommended for this age group. Heated pouches are filled with exotic herbs that have natural therapeutic properties. The muslin cloth is dipped in warm oil or a herbal mixture and pressed onto specific pressure points to provide relief.

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a deep tissue therapy that is used to relax the entire body. It utilizes a combination of mild stretches, reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy.There are a variety of massage techniques that come under Balinese Massage. Some of the important techniques used during Balinese Massage to provide a calming effect are skin rolling, stroking and kneading, stimulation of different pressure points in the body. It gives excellent results when combined with the sweet and soothing aroma of different essential oils.